Facebook Trying To Beat Discord With Watch Together Feature? [Social Media War Continues]

Will Facebook and Discord become Competitors? 


Messenger and Instagram merge

It doesn't matter if you are a discord user or a Facebook( here it includes messenger and Instagram) user, this article is just to share some of my predictions and thoughts on the new update of by facebook which aims at merging the chat platforms of Instagram and messenger and how this is related to one of the best features on discord.

So for the grand reveal,

This is how Instagram will look like 
once the update is rolled out in your country too!

Messenger features combined with instagram

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Facebook has announced that it will be merging the chat platforms of messenger and Instagram which will be introducing a lot of new features for the users on each platform.

Part one of this plan has already been completed, now you can message people on messenger(Facebook) using Instagram.


The main reason for them making this update is quite obvious, all user data in one database which will give them a lot more control over the data.

These new features might make some of the most game-changing features of discord not so important anymore. It's quite obvious they can't really integrate something like discord on their platform.

They might be just looking to hit the vital features which will make them rise to a monopoly standard in this social media war. In fact, all of the way Instagram ripped off Tik Tok's idea and made it reels. Which tends to workout because Tik Tok was banned in many countries.

Facebook has made clear its plans to unify the messaging platforms of its hugely popular apps to allow cross-messaging among Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Facebook was said to be rebuilding the underlying infrastructure so users who were on only one of its apps could connect to others using different Facebook apps.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also said he wants the system to be end-to-end encrypted. By integrating its most popular apps, Facebook may be able to compete more directly with Apple’s iMessage and maybe unwantedly with discord too.

If you are a discord user you would know that Facebook and Discord would never be in the range of comparison, now however they are planning to roll out the watch together feature.

As the name suggests, this lets users watch videos together in real-time. Now, both Messenger and Instagram users will be able to use it, regardless of which app they’re on. Making it a great way to connect across social platforms

This seems like one of the major advantages that was available in discord, all of us do these movie nights or game streams which was never possible on other platforms.

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If Facebook adds this to desktop and increases the group limits thanks to messenger integration with Instagram, everyone with an open mind to check out discord will probably end up gluing themselves with Facebook for a long time.


Facebook might lose in terms of security with discord. Because of the possibility of them being considered a trust unworthy platform. 

For example, in the new merged messaging ecosystem, a user you previously blocked on Messenger won’t automatically be blocked on Instagram. Thus, the blocked person will be able to once again contact you. This could open doors to a plethora of unexpected online abuse.

Finally, and probably the most concerning, is that by integrating its apps Facebook could legitimately respond to anti-trust lawsuits by saying it can’t separate Instagram or WhatsApp from the main Facebook platform – because they’re the same thing now.

On the other hand, discord will continue to have the same privacy policies, and so on...

Where does this leave us?

Competition is important to encouraging innovation and diversity, then the newest development from Facebook discourages both these things. 

It further entrenches Facebook and its services into the lives of consumers, making it harder to pull away. And this certainly isn’t far from monopolistic behavior.

This could mean a lot of things or nothing at all depending on which type of person you are... so here are my 3 answers for people with different aims.

Casual Users:-

You could expect a good amount of updates and changes to come over the platforms (Instagram and Messenger) you are using and make the best of it because the competition between two companies will often force the social platforms to improve.

Content Creators:-

You will have to keep your eyes open and be ready to the maximum advantage of the traffic and excitement when new features roll out. If you are not using reels or webhooks already, you better get started!

The new Instagram update might allow messenger and Instagram influencers to reach a larger community and make it easier for chat automation.

Investors and Advertisers:-

You will probably have to wait till the new features come out and experiment or wait to see what is doing better and why? If you want to invest don't wait too long until the market gets saturated. Only after the update, you will able to compare the existing platforms.

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